5 minutes with… Rev Sione Lea’aetoa

Rev Sione Lea’aetoa was ordained as a Minister of the Word on Sunday 31 January at All Saints Floreat Uniting Church. He has begun a placement at St Andrew’s Uniting Church, East Perth. He takes 5 minutes to share a bit about himself with Revive.

What are you passionate about?

One of the things that I am really passionate about is reading and studying the Bible. The Bible fascinates me because it is the grand story of God’s salvation plan for humanity that began in Genesis and was fulfilled in Christ. As a Christian, this story of God’s love is the foundation of my faith and the hope for all humanity.

Who inspires you?

I don’t have a particular person in mind. However, I am inspired by the story of many unknown missionaries, ministers, pastors and leaders who faithfully continue to serve the Lord in the midst of challenging situations such as decreasing congregations, isolation, imprisonment, persecution and others. These stories inspire and help me to remain faithful to the Lord and keep persevering when challenges arise.

Tell us some good news that’s happening in your world

Firstly, I am happy that the journey and the calling to be ordained as a Minister of the Word in the Uniting Church WA has been completed and realised. Now the new journey in ordained ministry has begun with St Andrew’s Uniting Church in East Perth. Secondly, I’m grateful that my family are all safe and well in the midst of the pandemic, and I thank God for God’s providence and protection.

What is something interesting about you that not many people know?

Two interesting things about me that many people may not know are that my great, great grandfather from my paternal side was German; it may explain why my girls’ hair is a little bit blonde. Secondly, I think many people would not associate me with playing video games, but I used to love (my wife would say I was addicted) playing medieval strategy computer games.