Tag: Social Justice

  • Keep our kids out of prison: Raise the Age

    Most Australians don’t realise that we put kids in prison. In a public opinion poll by the Australia Institute, 73% of Australians had no idea that children as young as ten are currently locked up in our prison system. It’s not surprising, since most people imagine kids at that age to be, well… kids. But […]

  • Social Justice Church: Living the Gospel every day

    Years ago, Alison Xamon began to envisage a new kind of ministry. A church community that would be truly welcoming and safe for all. A group that would see the fight for justice as simply part of being Christian. It was a type of worship that Alison longed for, but over time it became clear […]

  • Remembering Stolen Generations on Sorry Day

    Sorry Day is held each year on 26 May to remember and acknowledge the Stolen Generations. Dr Alison Atkinson-Phillips is a member of the Bringing Them Home Committee, supported by the Uniting Church WA. She is also the author of ‘Survivor Memorials: Remembering trauma and loss in contemporary Australia’, and worked as Media and Communications […]

  • Calling for Justice for Refugees on Palm Sunday

    Justice for Refugees WA, a network of more the 40 community organisations, faith groups and human rights agencies, is calling on Australia’s political leaders to abandon the current harsh and unjust policies of detention, uncertainty and limbo, and to instead provide permanent protection for people seeking safety. Instead of prolonging the despair of people seeking […]

  • Justice is love in public: Social Justice Commission

    The Social Justice Commission of the Uniting Church WA presented their report to the 44th Annual Meeting of the Synod of WA on Saturday morning, 12 September. “Justice is what love looks like in public,” said Mark Brisbane, Chair of the Social Justice Commission, quoting Cornel West. Mark highlighted work the commission has been involved […]

  • What did I learn? Forgiveness is not easy

    I have always enjoyed ferry boat rides; across the river Mersey as a child, over to Rottnest Island as an adult and over to Manly as a tourist when visiting Sydney. However my most significant ferry trip was a few years ago in South Africa to Robben Island. The island is infamous because it was […]

  • Uniting Church WA Calls for an End to Three Strikes Mandatory Sentencing

    The Uniting Church in Western Australia and the Uniting Aboriginal & Islander Christian Congress WA hold grave concern over the impacts that proposed changes to the Criminal Law Amendment (Home Burglary and Other Offences) Bill 2014 currently before the Western Australian parliament will have on young Aboriginal people. Chair of the Uniting Aboriginal & Islander […]

  • Call for a New Approach to Remote Indigenous Communities

    The Uniting Church in Australia, Western Australia and the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress WA (Congress) are deeply troubled by the planned closure of remote Aboriginal communities in Western Australia. They are concerned about the ramifications this will have on individuals and communities affected and believe it displays a concerning lack of understanding about […]

  • What has the Uniting Church said about Asylum Seekers and Refugees? 

    February 12 2015 The Uniting Church in Australia is calling for the immediate release of all children and their families from Australian-run immigration detention centres, after the publication today of a shocking report by the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC). The damning report, The Forgotten Children, is the largest survey of children in detention ever conducted […]

  • Uniting Church WA Divests from Fossil Fuels

    The Uniting Church in Australia, Synod of Western Australia has decided to divest from companies involved in mining, exporting, or energy generation from fossil fuels. Instead, the Church will seek to invest in companies which reduce the impact on the environment through power generation from renewable sources. The Church’s investment policy has always been guided […]